Founded in 1974.

Barbara Bova Founder.
Founded the Agency in 1974.  Barbara, who passed away in 2009, was a talented author and columnist. An aide to a United States Senator, a school teacher, a social worker, an artist, a successful New York model, a philanthropist, an advocate for social and environmental issues, she was also mother of three and a loving grandmother. Her mission, to promote the best and most talented professional writers of fiction and nonfiction, continues.

Ben Bova  President.
Former editorial director of OMNI Magazine and editor of Analog Magazine. Six time Hugo Award recipient for Best Professional Editor. Author of more than 120 novels and nonfiction books.

Ken Bova  Managing Editor.
Intellectual Property attorney since 1994.  Author of three books.  Foreign rights manager.

Michael Burke  Senior Associate Agent.
Joined the Agency in 2000.  Mr. Burke is interested in well-written fiction and non-fiction.

Stefan Rudnicki  Audio Subrights Division Manager.
In Charge of all things Audio.

Ilyana Rose-Davila Associate Agent.
Handling foreign and domestic marketing.

To submit to The Barbara Bova Literary Agency LLC:

Query through the website using only this link.
We attempt to respond in a timely fashion. 
However, due to the volume of queries we receive, we will likely only respond to queries that are of interest to us.
We will not download any attachments.
We are not liable for any lost or misdirected mail.

We do not charge a reading fee.
New authors: Please do not query on projects which are not complete.  We do not accept simultaneous submissions.
Agency receives 15% commission on domestic sales, 20% commission on foreign sales.  The Agency charges clients for overseas postage and calls, photocopying and shipping.